Film provides a uniquely intimate experience, letting viewers go beyond labels or identities, to see transgendered people—including those in this difficult inner city milieu—as normal, as neighbors, as part of us. And even as pioneers.

HOW much has been done, how much more to go?

Transgender Tuesdays was completed just in time for its World Premiere at the Castro Theatre as part of San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival — FRAMELINE 36. Our showing at 11 am on Pink Saturday was met with nearly 900 screaming fans, who applauded the 12 patients/stars who were all in attendance, some with families they had previously been estranged from.

Partial list of showings since the film’s premiere:

Southwest Int’l. LGBT Film Festival, Albuquerque, New Mexico 2012
Winner, Audience Favorite Documentary
Zuni Mountain Sanctuary, Pueblo Reservation, New Mexico 2012
Southeast LGBT Film Festival, Atlanta, Georgia 2012
Harm Reduction Film Festival at National Conf., Portland, Oregon 2012
Opening night feature film
Lesbisch-Schwule Filmtage, Hamburg, Germany 2012
Bangalore Queer Film Festival, Bangalore, India 2013
Libercine Festival de Diversidad y Genero, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2013
Dept. of Public Health Diversity Trainings, San Francisco 2013
Required viewing for all employees
Transgender Leadership Symposium, Berkeley, CA. 2013
Grand Valley State University, Grand Rapids, Michigan 2013
Puget Sound University, Takoma, Washington May 2013
Gay and Lesbian Medical Assoc. 30th Annual Conf., SF CA. 2013
LGBT Health Symposium Forward Together, UCLA, Los Angeles 2013
All-Conference Opening Event
Human Rights Film Festival, University of SF, San Francisco 2013
OutView International Queer Film Festival, Athens, Greece 2013
TransScreen Film Festival, Amsterdam, Holland 2013
Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Miami, Florida 2013
OUT Twin Cities Film Festival, Minneapolis 2013
Social Justice Film Festival, Seattle, WA 2013
Oaxaca FilmFest, Oaxaca, México 2013
Winner, “Mención Honorífica” International Documentary
University of Washington LGBT Allied Health, Seattle 2013
Samuel Merritt College School of Nursing, Oakland, CA 2014
World Professional Assoc. Transgender Health, Bangkok, Thailand 2014


HOW can you be an ambassador for Transgender Tuesdays in the world?

If you are an activist or a healthcare advocate and want to show our 34-minute Brown Bag Lunch version to your group or staff meeting, please contact us for a free copy or link. Drop a note to our email listed below.

There is no charge to activists we are in touch with, but…

We do ask this from you:

  • After you show the film in a staff meeting or group, please post a comment on and if you like it, write us an endorsement to
  • And if you find the film valuable, please request that a university where you have a current position or know someone who does, the library of your alma mater, or the collection development desk at a public library acquire the full-length film. Our webpage with academic endorsements and ordering information is

Our goal in this academic/educational distribution is to have our full feature-length documentary available in a library in every city on the continent. So when someone comes in softly asking, “Is there anything on transgender?” the answer is YES.

Thank you!

- The Transgender Tuesdays documentary team